Friday, December 11, 2009

Stacking up blocks.

Some of my daughter's achievements...

This video is taken on 10 Oct 2009 (she is around 20 months old)

Video 1:

stacking up the blocks by herself... sometimes she might need a little help from us but generally she can do it herself. But i think she still need to be trained on her patience...
Shin Bei loves to play with the building blocks games which is educational and fun for kids from 3-7 years.
Although she is slightly underage for this kind of games, she enjoys it very much. Full attention need to be paid on her to avoid her in putting the blocks in her mouth..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Growing milestones.... (back dated) Part 2

Today, i would like to continue with the Growing milestones (part 2).

I have shaved my hair after my full moon. some pre-peeled off skin on my eyebrows..

this is my chicky look..

do i look more energetic now???

im sleeping im my infant car seat.. coutesy by stemtech cord blood banking service..
with a neck support cushion which i don't really comfortable with it..

mum wrapped me like a mermaid...

this is baby rock chair sponsored by my elder uncle (舅舅) from US... it comes with a music box, vibrator and a few simple toys.. i like the hanging bear very much..

a full view of the chair,,
taken at nilai..

ha.. finally i have learned how to hold the milk bottle myself.. this was estimated during 3 months old..

Mummy has done temp rebonding on her hair.. so we took a photo together, do we having same hair texture?? hehe..

this is my last time sucking on the pacifier ..after one year old, i can not dependant on it anymore.. cheers...

going up and down in the cradle... hugging on my little bolster (臭臭)... can't sleep without it, addicted with the smell on it.. haha..
another achievement, 'independant' from the cradle after 10 months old... yay!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Growing milestones.... (back dated) Part 1

Some of my daughter's back dated activities and interesting photos...

Let me start with this, i think is taken around 1 month old in Nilai ('ma ma' house)

Do I look like daddy??? Oops, my eyes were closed.... how to comapare? :P

Is my favorite time, milking... hehe... that time, i was using this 'branded' milk bottle --> Dr. Brown which contain a device that can prevent colic after milk. But it was a mistake, mummy went to the parent expo and found out that some milk bottle are made of plastics which contained BPA (Bisphenol A) that are toxic, especially post heated plastic. The side effects include causing damage of reproductive system, impaired immune system, brain dysfunction and etc......
For more info, please visit

Mummy was shock to discover this important news. From that day onwards, I am using glass bottle.. but mummy need to keep a very close eye on me.. of course she also need to invest on many glass milk bottle since then.... hehe!! (broken my me/nanny)

Extremely satisfied expression after milk.... burp... burp..

Am i having a pair of big eyes?? with hidden double eye lid... >.<

Yeah! this is my 1st smile ( around 6 weeks old).... am i qualify to be the model of the year??? :P

Finally taken a photo with mummy, do we look alike???

or off-glasses mummy better?

Okie.... thats all for Part 1, stay tuned with my blog, many more will come...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hiccup after milk

There is a believe that infant are very prone to hiccups after feeding.
Hiccups is the contraction of the diaphragm caused by irritation of the muscle.
It is common in babies under one year old and the caused of it still remain unknown. To make a wild guess, it could be due to the air swallow into the body together with milk which causes the irritation of the diaphragm muscle. The contraction happens repeatedly together with the opening and close of the vocal cords creates the 'errt' sound.....

Shin Bei is having a long hiccups (20 minutes) after her milk feeding. According to my mum, some babies hiccups and will follow by poo poo. This explain why I am making the 'hmm.. hmm.. ' sound to stimulate her bowel...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Recalling the moment.........

It have been a while that I am thinking to write a blog for my lovely daughter Ee Shin Bei...

At last, i have determine my self to start writing about her..

A brief introduction about this little princess of Ee family....

Name: Ee Shin Bei (Female)

D.O.B: 24th February 2008

Place of born: Damansara Specialist Centre, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Weight: 3.4kg.

This is how she looks like after 2 hours of delivery. After around 12 hours of hard work, finally Shin Bei was delivered through a ceasarean section. In the operation theatre, Her eyes were widely open when she first come in contact with the outside environment, looking at her daddy. The midwife carried her and intended to pass her to her daddy.

My tears flow uncontrollably. It was a touching moment...

A photo of a new family...

This is my room number 222. I was staying in a 2 beded room since the single room was fully occupied.